The Fisheries Service under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania (hereinafter referred to as the “Fisheries Service”) is a state institution of the Republic of Lithuania which implements the laws and other legal acts, assigned to it by the Lithuanian fisheries policy, based on the European Union’s Common Fisheries Policy, arrangement and execution of conservation and restoration of fish stocks, control of its usage in marine waters, and applied research in the field of fisheries.

Tasks of the Fisheries Service

1. To implement a rational fisheries policy of Lithuania and the Common Fisheries Policy of the European Union (hereinafter – EU).

2. To investigate, protect, restore, and increase fish stocks in the fisheries waters.

3. To protect a gene pool of valuable fish species and cultivated fish species, to develop and coordinate selective breeding fisheries.

4. To maintain liaison with EU institutions, national and international organisations and scientific institutions in developing fisheries.

5. To implement education and training policies in the fisheries sector.

6. To participate in formation and implementation of the Lithuanian fisheries development strategy.

7. To control fisheries in the marine waters.

Last updated: 09-11-2023